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Seniors with Pets – A Growing, yet Underserved Pet Travel Market

Senior Pet ParentsMore and more often, people are choosing to take their furry best friends along as they travel. This fact has not gone unnoticed by businesses. Pet friendly business practices are taking root everywhere, from banks who open their doors to pets, to restaurants with special menus for dogs, to hotels that greet each pooch with a thoughtful canine welcome basket.

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Off the Beaten Path: Sniffing Out Hidden Dog Friendly Travel Gems

Dog parks and pet friendly places abound across the United States. However, just off the beaten path, tucked away from plain sight, there are some really fantastic spots that don’t just welcome dogs, but make them part of the travel experience in a unique way. We’ve sniffed out 10 of these hidden gems for you. Plan your next trip around them, or make them a destination all their own!  

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Two Thumbs (and Paws) Up: Top 5 Destinations your Dog Will Love as Much as You Do

Top Dog Friendly DestinationsIf your dog is like most dogs, she’s happy to tag along with you wherever you go – even if she doesn’t find all of your destinations so thrilling. And, let’s face it  while your dog may love the dog park, and you’re more than happy to take her, watching her sniff trees isn’t the most fun you could be having on a Saturday afternoon.

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Provincetown: A Premier Destination for Dogs

Pet Friendly ActivitiesAuthor:  Elsa Larsen, Dog Behaviorist & Trainer | Owner: My Wonderful Dog.  Cresting the hill between Truro and Provincetown you’ll find an unexpected feast for the eyes.  The very tip of Cape Cod lies across the bay to your left with the drama

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Getting Around Town with your Four-Legged Friend: A Guide to Pet Friendly Public Transportation

If pet travel by car with your furry best friend isn’t a possibility, or if you’d just like to see the city sights together in a brand new way, there are many bus lines, subways and trains in cities across the country and in Canada that accommodate pets.

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Sherpa Pet Carriers: Travel with Peace of Mind

Sherpa Pet CarriersEach year, over 25 million people travel with their pets, whether on the interstate or around the globe. But fur couldn’t always fly…comfortably, anyway. As short as 20 years ago, pets were not allowed to travel in-cabin on any airline in the United States.

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THREE DAY DEAL! Book at Red Roof Inn, Get a FREE Travel Mug!

TripsWithPets Travel MugTHREE DAYS ONLY – Book a stay at any pet friendly Red Roof Inn through our website and get a free stainless steel travel mug.  Stay must be booked by 11:59 pm November 8, 2012 and it must be booked either online at or by c

Thumbnail Image: Named BEST Pet Travel Site by Consumer Reports

Kim Salerno and was named BEST pet travel website by Consumer Reports' ShopSmart Magazine (June 2012).  We were featured on The Today Show when Consumer Reports' ShopSmart editor announced their picks for best online road trip planners and travel apps.  We are so proud and excited to have been chosen as the best webs

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Pet Road Trips: Survey Reveals Summer Travel Plans & Habits of Pet Parents

Pet Booster SeatPet parents of the world are gearing up to hit the open road with their dogs, cats, and other furry friends this summer.   Where are they going?  Are they staying at high-end boutique pet friendly hotels, or do they prefer a laid back, sand in the paws type vacation?  How much do they plan to spend on their pet's travel adven

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Pet Friendly Travel: Money Saving Tips for Pet Road Trips

Tucker Checking In at La Quinta-Where Pets Stay FreeWe're all feeling the crunch...with the economy slugging along and high gas prices (and by all counts - going to get much higher).  We all begin evaluating where we can save money while limiting the effects on our lifestyle...and our pets.

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