Air Canada Pet Policy

Air Canada Pet Policy

Air CanadaAir Canada Pet Policy


In Cabin/Carry-On Pet Fee:  $50 or $118 one-way, based on itinerary

Maximum weight allowed:  10 kg (22 lb) (pet and carrier combined)

Cargo Area/Checked Baggage Pet Fee:  $105 - $121 one-way (U.S. & Canada)

Pet Carrier Guidelines:  Your cat or small dog can travel with you in the cabin on Air Canada, provided it is small enough to stand, turn around, lie down, and stay comfortably in its carrier under your seat. Pets must be at least 12 weeks old and fully weaned.  Pets traveling in the cabin must be placed and remain in a leak proof and well ventilated soft or hard-sided carrier measuring no more than 28 cm x 21 cm x 41 cm (11" x 8" x 16").  The entire pet must be inside the carrier with no part of the pet extending outside the kennel. The pet must remain in the travel carrier and the carrier must remain under the seat. The pet carrier counts as one carry-on item.

For pets traveling as checked baggage, they must travel in a hard sided carrier, not to exceed a length + width + height of 115 inches and a weight of 100 lbs., which includes the pet.  The pet carrier must be big enough to allow your pet to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. Pets over 31 pounds must have their own separate kennel.