Tucker Talks With Honest Paws: All-Natural CBD Oil & Treats for Pups!

Talkin' With TuckerHave you heard the news? CBD oil is the new, all-natural remedy when it comes to helping us pups with some of our ailments! Better yet, it can be added to dog treats! My human just bought some CBD oil-infused treats from a company called “Honest Paws,” and honestly, they were delicious!

I decided that I wanted to find out more about CBD oil and how it can help dogs feel better. I spoke with Chelsea Rivera, the Co-Founder of Honest Paws, for more details: 

Tucker: The treats are so yummy - I would never know they were healthy and good for me!  How did Honest Paws come up with these goodies?

Chelsea:  Honest Paws was born from my own experience with my dog, Baby Rose. Now at 13 years-old, she’s a very healthy and active Maltipoo. But when she was younger, she suffered from horrible seizures. After learning about the side effects that traditional medicine could have on her, I decided to research holistic options. This is where I found out about CBD. I decided to give it a go and within a month, Baby Rose’s seizures stopped.

Wanting to spread the miracle that is CBD, I chatted with my business-savvy brother, Erik, who is an entrepreneur. We decided to give it a go and founded Honest Paws. I consider myself a pretty “in the know” person so I figured, if I just learned about CBD oil for dogs, then I bet there are a ton of other people out there who have yet to learn about it.

Talkin' With Tucker

Tucker: My pet parents love that your treats are all-natural and have no preservatives. (I just love how yummy they are!) So, how are you able to keep the yummy treats tasty and fresh without using preservatives?

Chelsea:  Our bites have a relatively low moisture content, and moisture typically drives spoilage. Also, our packages are designed to help prevent oxidation, another way to maintain freshness. Lastly, certain terpenes like the ones found in quality broad spectrum oils such as ours, act as natural preservatives. Combining all of this allows us to confidently claim the lifespan of our products at 12-24 months (when stored correctly, of course).

Tucker: What are some of the key ingredients in your treats that make them so yummy?

Chelsea:  Each product has its own unique ingredient that makes it easy to enjoy! Not to mention, all of them have peanut butter, which is the key to amazing flavor.

Our Restore Bites, made for itchy and dry skin, are coconut flavored. These are best for pets with dry paws or for those prone to having itchy skin.

Relief Bites are made with fresh turmeric to support healthy joints. It’s no secret that dogs can be pretty hyperactive at times. CBD may help reduce inflammation associated with daily activity.

Our peanut-butter flavored Calming Bites are our most popular product. A lot of dogs are affected by daily stressors (weather, travel, etc) but luckily, CBD can promote relaxation.

Talkin' With Tucker

Tucker: My siblings, Charlie and Brownie, and I don't have tummy issues (except when we eat sticks) but I know some dogs do. Do you have any plans for grain-free treats?

Chelsea:  Our CBD infused coconut oil, CBD-infused peanut butter, and full-spectrum CBD oil products are perfect for grain-free pups! Additionally, our coconut oil is very versatile as it can be used topically or in a pet’s food. So, where can pet parents go to buy Honest Paws products? Honest Paws was founded as an online store and has grown into one of the top pet CBD brands in the United States. All of our products are available at HonestPaws.com, as well as select brick-and-mortar retailers. If you want to see if we’re near you, find out at https://www.honestpaws.com/apps/store-locator/

Talkin' With Tucker

Tucker:  Is there anything that pet parents out there especially need to know, when it comes products made using CBD oil?

As CBD's popularity continues to grow, pet parents should always do their research. First off, they should make sure that the CBD used is hemp-derived and full-spectrum. Also, not all companies are honest about the amount and quality of CBD in their products. People can always ask for a certificate of analysis to ensure they’re giving their pups the good stuff.  And, for those pet parents who are unsure, we encourage them to do some research (our blog is a wealth of information), or ask a holistic vet with experience in giving CBD to pets.

Talkin' With Tucker

Tucker:  Can you tell me more about the Honest Paws company, besides the yummy treats you make?

Chelsea:  At Honest Paws, we provide our customers with premium products. The end goal has always been helping pets enjoy a healthier and happier life alongside their best friends (aka YOU, Tucker). We also take pride in the other positive impacts that our employees have on their communities.

Honest Paws employees are spread across the United States, including Puerto Rico. We like to volunteer locally whenever we can to help animals in need. After Hurricane Maria, the Puerto Rican team volunteered at a local shelter, organizing, painting, and beautifying the adoption facility. We’ve also donated product to shelters, for cats and dogs in waiting to enjoy.

Well, I sure learned a lot from Chelsea about the Honest Paws company and their great products.  I’m sure my Mom and Dad will be happy to know that not only are the Honest Paws treats healthy and great-tasting for me, they are coming from a great company! I can’t wait to share the news with my other four-legged friends - I’m sure they’ll love the Honest Paws treats as much as I do, and hopefully some of them will feel better!