10 Reasons Pets Make the Best Travel Companions

Pet Friendly Travel CompanionWhile we all love hitting the road with family, friends, or a significant other for a road trip, there are times when we have to admit that the best possible travel companions may happen to have four legs and fur. Here are our top ten reasons why traveling with pets is truly the way to go:

1.  They never criticize your driving. When traveling with your pet, you will never have to hear complaints about how that you should have braked sooner, that you’re going to fast or too slow, or that you should have changed lanes “back there.” Pets are happy to leave the driving to you – they’re a little shaky on the rules of the road, and they’re having too much fun watching the passing scenery to notice your driving anyway.

2.  They’re happy with whatever route you take. You don’t have to confer with your pets to determine the best route. You can get where you’re going any which way you please. And if you do make a mistake and end up lost, your pets will never get annoyed that you keep going in circles, and they will never say “I told you so.”

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3.  They never ask, “Are we there yet?” Pets don’t have a real sense of passing time, and they don’t know where you’re going anyway, so you will never have to hear them complaining that you are not arriving somewhere as quickly as they would like.

4.  You have some built-in entertainment.  Pets make trips infinitely more entertaining. They are cute to look at in the rearview mirror, they make funny faces at the passing scenery, they’re fun play with at rest stops, and no matter where you end up, they will be very excited to be there.

5.  They are great listeners. You can truly unload on your pet as you travel – whether you need to vent about your co-workers, share your extensive, well-reasoned thoughts on a subject near and dear to your heart, work out the pros and cons of a decision you have to make, or rant about the latest injustice you read about in the news, your pets are ready and willing to listen to your monologue with the utmost patience, without ever getting bored or trying to change the subject back to themselves.

6.  They never disagree with your restaurant choice. As long as it’s a pet friendly restaurant, you’re free to try any trendy, hip eatery or little out-of-the way hidden gem that seems interesting to you, without having to confer about the menu, or hearing that “nobody else feels like eating that.”

Pet Friendly Travel Companion

7.  They never get tired of window shopping with you. Indulge your rich fantasy shopping life, without anyone hurrying you along. As long as there are people to look at and interesting smells to investigate, your pet will be completely happy to window shop ‘til you drop, and they will not care which stores you look in or how long you linger.

8.  They’re pretty content with the status quo. You will not receive complaints about the choice of beverages you brought along, begged at each gas station for new or “better” snacks, asked to make extra stops for coffee, the paper, or souvenirs, or told that your hotel choice is subpar. Your pets are just happy to be there, with you, and as long as they’re fed, watered, and given some play time now and then, as far as they’re concerned it’s the best trip ever, no matter where you go or what you do.

9.  You don’t have to share the hotel bathroom. You will have to find a pet friendly hotel. But you will not have to wait for the shower, stand in line to brush your teeth, or be rushed through your morning routine by someone who urgently wants to check out on time. And the soap, shampoos and free coffee? All yours.  

10.  You can go at your own pace.  You can make great time – or choose to stop at every fruit stand, kiosk and landmark that exists on your way from point A to point B. As long as he gets potty and exercise breaks, your pet does not care how long it takes you to get anywhere.

Pet Friendly Travel Companion

In short, traveling with pets is the best of two worlds. You get the companionship, fun, and bonding experience of traveling with a loved one, with much of the freedom that comes with traveling alone. So the next time you want to hit the road and you need a travel buddy, be sure to bring your pooch along!