Hotel Pet Perks Driving Pet Parents to Book More and Stay Longer

As pet parents hit the road with their furkids this summer, they’re looking for places to stay that truly welcome their whole family. This includes not only seeking out pet-friendly accommodations, but those that offer above-and-beyond perks for their pets.

Survey reveals pet amenities are a plus
TripsWithPets recently polled 800 pet parents and asked about what they commonly look for when planning a getaway with their pets. Of the respondents, 42% stated that they search for hotel chains that will welcome their pets, specifically by offering top-notch pet amenities. Additionally, 33% said they would stay longer at a hotel that provides pampering services for their pets.

“We’ve definitely experienced an uptick in bookings for specific hotel chains that offer special pet amenities.” remarks Kim Salerno, CEO/Founder of TripsWithPets. “It’s incredible to see the love people have for their pets - so much so that they are seeking accommodations that go the extra mile to ensure their pets are happy guests.”

What perks make the cut?
It’s pretty common for pet-friendly places to stay to offer “basic” pet amenities, such treats at check-in and places on-site for pets to go potty. Our respondents, however, said that the hotels that went beyond the basics and stepped up their pet amenities offerings were top contenders. Some of these extra pet perks include doggie room service menus, pet beds, welcome bags and baskets, pet services, pet hotel room drop-ins, and pet concierges that provide lists of local pet-friendly activities and additional services.

Hotels that are upping their game
There are currently hotels out there that are keeping pet guests in mind, and going the extra mile to pamper them during their stay. These hotel brands know that treating their furry guests means gaining brand loyalty from their human guests.

Many boutique hotels, such as Kimpton, Loews and Aloft, have offered special pet amenities for some time, and they are adding to their lists as time goes on. Kimpton, for example, offers dog walking services and room drop-ins. Other noteworthy brands, such as Tru by Hilton, Westin, and W, also provide popular perks for their furry visitors.

In the U.S., people spend over $120 billion each year on their pets, showing that they are dedicated to their pets’ happiness and well-being. Hotels that take this into consideration and go above and beyond to pamper pet guests will continue to be favorites among pet parents for years to come.

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Photo credit: istock/damedeeso