Majority of Pet Parents are Ready to Resume Travel as Covid Fears Fade

Pet travel

The travel industry came to a grinding halt when the pandemic hit the world.  Americans and the rest of the world stopped booking hotels, flights, cruises (you name it).  Further, all travel plans that were already "on the books" were cancelled.  As we rise from the ashes, and see positive signs of recovery, all eyes are on the comfort level of the public. Are they ready to resume traveling as we head into the spring?

We polled a group of pet parents, comprised of our social media followers and customers. We asked them if they feel completely comfortable and safe to resume traveling with their pets. With over 700 respondents, 17% are still not feeling safe to travel. They cited the uncertainty of future outbreaks and fear as the primary reasons.

Twenty-five percent say they are "getting there".  They are not quite ready to "pull the trigger" on traveling, but believe they are on their way if signs of recovery continue to trend in a positive way.

The remainder of poll takers, 58% are ready to hit the road. Many have already booked their hotel stays. They are anxious to return to "normal" -- whether it be traveling to see loved ones, weekend getaways, or vacations -- they are ready to pack up their pets and HIT. THE. ROAD.

As we say good riddance to 2021, we are very encouraged that 2022 will be a year that brings the return of  "reluctant" travelers.

Are you ready to plan a trip?


Image credit:  istock/Valerii Apetroaiei