Paws for a Cause: Small U.S. Businesses Redefining Animal Welfare

Paws for a Cause: Small U.S. Businesses Redefining Animal Welfare

Have you ever thought about how your everyday purchases could have a positive impact on the world of animal welfare? Let's introduce you to remarkable small businesses across the United States that are reshaping the landscape. They go beyond mere product or service offerings; their mission is to give back and champion our four-legged companions. Whether through donating a share of their sales, organizing charity events, or actively participating in animal welfare initiatives, these businesses are creating ripples of change. Join us as we unveil these inspiring companies and their distinctive approaches to making a difference. If you share our passion for animal welfare, discover how you can support these businesses while contributing to a noble cause.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. isn't your run-of-the-mill coffee company; it's a brewer with a heart. They've made it their mission to give back to the dog community. When you indulge in their array of dog-themed coffee blends, it's not just a delightful cup you're sipping; you're also playing a part in making a difference. Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. channels a portion of its profits toward rescue organizations dedicated to assisting dogs in need. Opt for their organic and eco-friendly specialty coffees, and you're actively supporting rescue initiatives and organizations that extend a lifeline to dogs seeking a second chance. They're spreading warmth and hope, one cup at a time.

Wags & Weights

Wags & Weights isn't your typical fitness apparel brand. They're on a mission that's as unique as the bond between humans and their canine companions. At the heart of their vision is a deep understanding that dogs, no matter how they become part of our lives, bring an unparalleled sense of unconditional love.

The dedicated team at Wags & Weights is thrilled and humbled to share this journey with their community. What sets them apart is their commitment to giving back. They don't just sell fitness gear; they donate a portion of their sales to support local animal shelters across different cities. So, when you choose Wags & Weights, you're not just wearing fitness apparel; you're proudly celebrating your passion for both fitness and dogs while making a meaningful impact on the welfare of animals in need.

Pet Releaf

In the realm of pet wellness, Pet Releaf stands as the pioneer in CBD for pets. As a family-owned and woman-operated small business, their mission is crystal clear: to transform the landscape of pet health. Central to their ethos is the unwavering commitment to ensuring that pets in need gain access to top-tier, all-natural products.

Their impactful Rescue Releaf program has already extended support to over 200 rescues and shelters, channeling nearly $300,000 in product donations. Through their regular "Buy One Donate One" events, every purchase resonates with the heartbeat of giving; they match each order and deliver essential products to shelters. Notably, their recent substantial contribution of over $15,000 in product donations was a lifeline for Maui's wildfire recovery.

Pet Releaf warmly invites individuals to nominate their preferred rescue or shelter for support. Beyond this, their rescue affiliate program reinforces the continuous cycle of giving by donating a portion of every purchase back to the rescue, creating a harmonious circle of care and compassion.

Animal Hearted

Animal Hearted, a clothing brand deeply devoted to animal welfare, offers a diverse collection of animal-themed clothing and accessories. What sets them apart is their commitment to supporting animal shelters and rescue organizations. The team behind Animal Hearted Apparel shares an unwavering passion for animals, much like their customers. Beyond crafting imaginative and enjoyable clothing and accessories for fellow animal enthusiasts, their dedication lies in saving shelter animals' lives. With a promise to allocate 25% of the proceeds from each order, they actively contribute to non-profit animal shelters and rescue organizations. This commitment has already made a substantial impact, saving the lives of countless shelter pets. They continue to seek your support to expand this positive influence.


BarkBox strives to create a better world for dogs and their human companions by developing products and facilitating experiences that enhance the well-being and joy of dogs worldwide.
Their commitment to this vision is exemplified through the Rescue and Shelter Affiliate Program. BarkBox has formed partnerships with numerous rescues and shelters, spanning the United States and Canada. In this collaborative endeavor, each organization is provided with a unique code. Whenever a BarkBox subscription is purchased using their distinct code, BarkBox promptly contributes $25 to the associated rescue or shelter partner. This financial support plays a pivotal role in aiding these dedicated organizations in their tireless efforts to provide assistance to our furry friends in need.

Rescue Strong

Rescue Strong, not just an apparel and lifestyle brand, but a passionate advocate for animal rescues. With a dual mission of creating a positive impact and raising awareness about animal rescue, they channel a significant portion of their profits to support this noble cause.

At its core, Rescue Strong, as an apparel and lifestyle brand, operates with a singular, unwavering force. Their approach is clear yet impactful: they allocate a significant share of their proceeds (aiming for 50%) for direct donations, funding impactful projects, and supporting like-minded organizations committed to making a difference and elevating awareness within the realm of animal rescue.

Last but not least - Us!

TripsWithPets is your go-to platform for securing pet-friendly accommodations across the United States and Canada. Yet, our dedication goes beyond simply helping pet parents secure pet-friendly places to stay. We hold a profound commitment to animal welfare.

This deep-rooted passion to make a positive impact comes to life through our annual Partners for Animal Welfare Series (PAWS) events. Our heartfelt initiative generates essential funds for 501(c)(3) organizations actively involved in the noble mission of preserving precious lives on the frontline.

Every reservation made through TripsWithPets directly contributes to our ongoing efforts to rescue more pets, raise awareness, and ultimately offer countless animals the opportunity for long, joyful, and fulfilling lives.

The takeaway

In the heartwarming world of U.S. small businesses, a shared spirit of compassion unites those dedicated to animal welfare. Whether it's in the pet-friendly travel industry or the trendy apparel scene, these businesses are more than just companies; they're change-makers. Each one, in its own unique way, shows how even the smallest ventures can make a big difference for our four-legged friends. As we celebrate these businesses, we invite you to support their causes and be a part of their mission, one small step at a time, to create a brighter future for animals in need.


photo credit: istock/boytsov