Pet Amenities Offered by Pet Friendly Apartments

Pet Amenities Offered by Pet Friendly ApartmentsIf you've ever hunted for an apartment for you and a furry friend, you know just how challenging the process can be. Despite the fact that more apartment management companies and landlords seem to be OK with their residents having pets, finding a place that's truly pet friendly is a whole other story.

In other words, if you and your dog or cat are looking for an apartment that offers actual pet amenities (and doesn't make you take your pets out a back door and through a sketchy alley when they need to leave the apartment), you may be in for a frustrating search. So what do pet friendly apartment amenities even look like? Here are some of the most common amenities (and some pretty luxurious less common ones) some apartment communities offer:

Doggie Recreation Areas
One of the best and most practical dog friendly amenities apartment buildings offer is a space for Fido and his friends to run around and get some energy out. Some apartment communities even go so far as to offer grassy rooftop areas complete with off-leash spots and fountains. Recreation spaces are particularly convenient for those living in big cities where parks and other grassy places are a little fewer and further between. Oh, and they're a great perk during the winter when you'd rather not take a neighborhood stroll in the snow and freezing temperatures—Fido can get some energy out a bit closer to home.

Doggie Recreation Areas

Pet PartnershipsPet Partnerships
Many pet friendly apartment buildings have partnerships with local pet stores, groomers, dog walkers and other pet-based businesses. This comes in very handy, and not just because the partnerships sometimes come with deals and discounts. Say you're moving to a brand new city or neighborhood. If your apartment building has these pet partnerships, you'll be able to skip the step where you have to find a new vet, groomer and spot to buy all of your dog's or cat's necessities.

GroomingOn-Site Grooming
Speaking of partnerships with groomers, some apartment buildings take things a step further. Some buildings have in-house groomers available daily or at certain times each month. Some more high-end buildings even have full-fledged pet spas where Fido or Felix can get the royal treatment for a few hours. A little more common than an on-site groomer or spa is a dedicated grooming room that pet owners in the building can use to give their animals a bath. No more making a mess of the tiny shower in your apartment!


Daycare Options
Ever been just days away from a vacation and still struggling to find someone who can take care of your dog or cat while you're away? Some apartment communities tackle this issue for their pet parent residents by offering a pet daycare in the building. Typically the service is carefully screened by the building managers, which means pet parents can enjoy their vacation without worrying about how their furbaby is doing at home.

Dog Day Care

Pet Parties
Play dates and full-on social hours are another pet-friendly perk offered by many apartment complexes. One of the best things about having pets, especially dogs, is being able to connect with other owners, so these happy hours can be fun for both you and your pet.

Front Desk Treats
One of the most basic ways apartment buildings can immediately set themselves apart as a pet friendly place to live is simply to keep goodies around for the pets who live there. In many buildings, a front desk concierge or doorman will keep dog treats and small toys on hand for the pups that are on their way in or out. Some even have loaner animal beds, litter boxes and other pet supplies pet parents can borrow or buy.