Tips for Making the Most of Your Pet Friendly Vacation Rental and Cabin Experience

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals and CabinsThese days, pet parents are bringing their pets along more and more when they travel. For many, this means staying at a pet friendly accommodation, like a vacation rental or cabin. However, it is important to make sure that you and your pet are fully prepared for the trip. Just by using some common sense and following a few tips, you can rest assured that you and your pets will have a happy and safe trip. Here are a few of those simple tips to make sure that your vacation rental and cabin stay with your pet is enjoyable, and that you are BOTH welcome to return!

Choose the Right Accommodation for You and Your Pet

Vacation rentals and cabins offer great amenities, and they are often located near pet friendly activities. So, take time to explore these options and make sure you choose the accommodation that best suits you and your dog’s personality. For example, if your dog loves the water or likes to be the skipper on your boat, then choose a pet friendly vacation rental or cabin that is located near a beach or lake. If your pooch likes to hike and explore, then choose a vacation rental or cabin with nearby hiking trails, scenic areas and places to wander and explore. Or, if your dog is less active, try a more remote or secluded accommodation where you can both see the sunrise from a big front porch, or watch the sunset from a back deck or patio. 

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Observe and Respect the Property’s Designated Pet Waste Areas

When checking in to your accommodation, be sure to ask the vacation rental manager or cabin proprietor, for the designated pet bathroom locations. Respect their rules and follow their recommendations for where your dog may use the bathroom on the property. Also, a good rule of thumb is to always bring your own poop bags along and of course, to clean-up after your pet.

Play Around and Wear Them Out!

Be sure your pet gets plenty of exercise. Ultimately your pet will be more calm in the unfamiliar surroundings, because exercise helps ease restlessness and anxiety. Ask the vacation rental manager about the best places around the property, or close by, to walk or run with your pet. In the end, your pet will be happier and you will feel better, too!

Be Respectful of the Vacation Rental and Cabin

If your pets are allowed on any furniture or beds, make sure that you adequately cover these with blankets or towels. If the pet friendly vacation rental or cabin has a “No pets on the furniture” rule, please respect their wishes and follow their rules.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals and Cabins

Where to Put the Litter Box

If you happen to be traveling with your cat, it is recommended that you place the litter box in a bathroom. This keeps the litter from being tracked throughout the rental or cabin, and it makes clean up much easier.

Should You Leave Your Pet Alone?

The best advice is not to leave your pet alone in the vacation rental or cabin unless it is an absolute necessity. Some pet friendly vacation rentals and cabins will allow you to leave your pet alone. However, even the most well-behaved pets can make noise and act destructively when they are in unfamiliar territory. If you need to leave your pet alone, please be sure that it is only for a brief time. Also, it is best to let the property managers know that your pet is alone in the vacation rental or cabin. You can also try putting on the TV or a radio to make your pet more comfortable. If your pet is crated or stays in a kennel, make sure they are in it when leaving the property. Additionally, placing a note on the front door to indicate that your pet is in inside will alert anyone who may need to enter the property.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Make Sure Fleas and Ticks Don’t Stay When You Leave

Be sure your pets are free of fleas and ticks before your trip. At home, give them a good flea and tick bath along with their recommended preventative flea and tick control. Unfortunately, some pet friendly vacation rentals and cabins have changed their pet policies in response to bad odors, or fleas and ticks being left behind. Also, if a pet deposit is required, you may not be able to get your money back if the property needs to be fumigated or deodorized.

Accidents May Happen, So Be Prepared

Even if your pets have never had a bathroom mishap inside, accidents can happen, especially if pets are stressed. Be prepared in case an accident happens, by bringing along a disinfectant and cleaning cloth to clean up a mess. Please ensure that you have cleaned up the mess to the best of your ability. By not doing so, you may lose your pet deposit.

Keep Pets On a Leash

Make sure that you keep your pet on a leash, and avoid taking them into dining areas or other restricted areas. This will keep your pet safe, and will ensure that you and your pet are welcomed back if you choose to visit the property again.

Don’t forget, you and your pet are guests at the vacation rentals and cabins where you choose to stay. So, be respectful of the properties and their pet policies to make sure that your trip is enjoyable and stress-free, like a vacation should be!

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