Top 10 Essentials for Moving with Pets

Top 10 Essentials for Moving with PetsAre you stressing out about an upcoming move with your pet? Did you know that pets are emotional magnets? It's true, when you feel stress, they do too! So, take a deep cleansing breath and blow it out!

The reality is that moving with your pet can actually be a pleasant new adventure for the both of you -- as long as you take some time to prepare your pet for the move just as you would any other family member. Key to this planning is ensuring you have all the essentials your pet will need for his move.

  1. Medical Records:  Before your move, visit your vet's office and get a copy of your pet's medical records. You will need this to transfer over to your pet's doctor at his new address.
  2. Medication: While you're at your vet's, it's a good idea to refill any pet medications so you can be sure your pet has an ample supply. It is also recommended to stock up on flea/tick preventatives as well as heartworm meds.
  3. New Identification Tag: This is so important! Don't wait until you get to your new home to get your pet a new ID tag. Have one ready to go before you move. You will also want to be sure to change your address associated with your pet's microchip.
  4. Favorite Toys: Your pets favorite toys will help him feel more comfortable during the move and once he gets to his new home.
  5. Dog Bed:  Everyone likes sleeping in their own bed -- and that includes your pets. Having your pet's bed in the car for him and ready for him at his new abode will help him better acclimate to his new environment.
  6. Food & Water:  This may sound obvious, but you'd be surprised!  Be sure to pack an ample supply of your pet's regular dog food and make sure it's readily available while on the road. Don't rely on picking some up along the way or getting some once your reach your new home. You may not readily find his regular brand and may end up feeding him another brand that will upset his tummy.
  7. Travel Bowls: Either pack his regular bowls for the car or bring along pet travel bowls (these are collapsible and can easily fit in your pets travel bag).
  8. Pet Vehicle Restraint:  It is absolutely essential to properly secure your pet in the car.  Pet travel carriers, pet car seats, pet seat belts, and vehicle pet barriers are among the many options.  Whatever option you choose, be sure to get your pet accustomed to his restraint well in advance of your trip.
  9. Car Seat/Cargo Cover:  Dirty and hairy car seats are something you really don't want to worry about anytime, but particularly when you're moving. There are many types of car seat and cargo covers that will do the trick!
  10. Poop Bags:  Don't leave your pet's poop trail along your travel route or in your new neighborhood.  Poop bags are a "must-pack" when moving with your pet.